I proudly announce...my guestbook! Please feel free to insert any comment on this website, discuss other things or just leave a message.

Today I made some changes again, The horrible first page disappeared. Maybe I will add an intro-page soon, with a decent welcome. For now you will have to do with the current version. At least it is fast now and the code became real tiny....

I uploaded Some foto's of our trip to Gardaland this autumn. It was nice weather and there were not too many people, so we did not have to wait too long for the attractions.

Nearly two months that I do not write anything here. I mostly posted on my Open source Blog. However I made some changes on the page this week, though the content remains the same. It will be easier to update the page now. With some quick checks it seems also that the lay-out is better conserved when opened in different browsers now. The biggest change: the header! Dada produced it for me and I think it's much better now!

It has been a while since I gave you an update, but a lot has happened to my site! I made a wordpress blog and have that has some entries now. Done that I will restart giving some attention to the real site. I adjusted the thumbnails in the photogallery, which is loading much faster now. Later today I will add some of my UBUNTU Desktop screenshots!

Ok, most Problems with the layout seem to have been resolved, I think I can start putting some information on the site now...I think only IE6 still gives some problems (sorry guys, just switch to a real browser...). I will start with the photo gallery, which you can find by clicking the link in the navigation bar left.

Update of the site: I will try to update this site at least once a week, by adding comments like this, at least once a week. Until now I have been editting the PHP code of the site, in order to be able to upload pictures more easily. There are some problems remaining with Internet explorer and some minor problems with Opera and Konqueror, but I expect to resolve these problems soon enough! If you're using another browser that has some problems, please let me know!!

All photo's and other content of this page may be used only after request (mckooiker@mckooiker.byethost5.com).